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Stealth Trackers
The Ultimate Moccasins
for Tracking, Stalking
Tactical, Earthing,
or Traditional Bowhunting
"The Stealth Tracker"

Like the Moccasins worn by Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro in the Movie,
"The Hunted"


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Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing

Montana Pitch Blend with pine pitch, beeswax,
and mink oil.  Leather conditioner and protector.



Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing

$14/4oz. Tub - Shipping Included Order on our Products Page.

Protect your investment inyour moccasins by using one of the finest leather conditioner available, and the best I have found for my moccasins.

All-natural ingredients
No silicone or petroleum
Subtle, fresh, natural pine scent
Add years of life to leather goods
Protection in any weather, in any climate
Maximum year-round protection

Created by Montana bow hunter and guide because no other product could do the job
Proven in rugged adverse conditions by people whose lives depend on leather equipment
custom boot makers & shoe repair shops, custom saddle makers & saddle repair shops,
bow hunters and firearm hunters, ranchers, farmers and feedlot workers,
oil field and petroleum workers, loggers, linemen, and factory workers.

Use year-round, in all climates on:
Work, hiking, and recreational boots and shoes, heavy duty leather outerwear,
saddles and tack, baseball mitts, chaps and motorcycle leathers, knife sheathes, holsters and scabbards, quivers, finger tabs, arm guards, shooting gloves, and other rugged outdoor leather equipment.

Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing

Protect against water penetration and damage caused by wet, muddy or snowy conditions.
Protect against drying & cracking caused by heat and dry weather.
Protect against barnyard acids, manure, concrete, grease, oil and more ...
Discourage the growth of mildew and mold in humid climates.
Reduce the appearance of scratches and abrasions.
Extend the life of boots, saddles and other leather equipment

Adhere to leather even in extreme conditions, reducing the need to re-treat leather in the field. Restore dry, neglected or damaged leather to supple condition.
Maintain suppleness and flexibility - even water-soaked boots will not stiffen as they dry
if they have been regularly treated with Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing.

Customer Comments

"I am a professional hunting guide, fisherman and trapper. I am outside year-round, every day, often 16-18 hours per day. I would like to tell you how impressed I am with your Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing. Since I started using it, I will never use anything else. Thank you for a quality leather protector....that will make leather goods last longer." R.H. - Big Sky, MT

"I sure do like your Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing. I'm a logger here in North Idaho and I'm a firm believer in keeping my investment in boots well greased summer and winter. Your Pitch-Blend has proven to be the best I've found anywhere." S.B. - Sandpoint, ID

"I have to tell you, this product is AWSOME! I ride distance horses, rough terrain with lots of water, mud and of course sweat. I have a closet full of leather treatment products. I tried yours on a whim and it has replaced all the others! I use this on my saddles, halters and riding boots. There is a large investment in these items for any horsewoman (or man) and when something comes along that can make that investment last longer, work better and look beautiful.... well, you'd better believe I've told everyone who will listen. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product." R.J. - Canfield, OH

"I love your product and have recommended it to all my friends that have leather products. I used it on saddle bags, chaps, jacket and boots. Thanks for everything!" W.G. - Lakewood, CO

"I am more than satisfied with the leather care products I ordered from Montana Pitch-Blend. When protecting fine leather products, knowing that MPB is all natural is a comforting feeling." D.L. - Mascoutah IL

"Best conditioner I've ever used. Works great on my shoes and leather jackets." R.P. - Foster City, CA

"I bought a pair of boots about 5 years ago, and aside from some minor scuffing from my hiking, they still look brand new. Unfortunately, I used all of the container of the Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing that I had. I recently began working at a plant here where I purify proteins out of beef blood plasma. In our process we use hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide as well as other chemicals. We also have a wet plant- since we work exclusivel y with liquids, everything goes on the floor, then gets sprayed with water to wash it down the drain. Two weeks ago I bought (a thankfully inexpensive) pair of boots for work after wearing my rubber ones gave me athlete's foot. I had an old can of silicone repellent that I borrowed from my parents to waterproof my boots, which worked for less than 1 shift!. In less than 2 weeks, by boots are ruined. There are stains everywhere, and they are even cracking since the chemicals and daily soaking/drying has made the leather brittle and stiff. I just wish I had a digital camera so I could send you a picture of my boots for your website as well. Thank you for making a great product!" D.S. - Ames, IA

"I was given a 4 oz container of your Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing as a gift. I have used the product constantly on my work shoes and leather gloves, leather golf bag and my briefcase and practically everything else that I own that is leather. I think your product is the best conditioner and water repellent on the market." J.G. - University Park, IL

"I am a long time user of your Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing. You offer a totally natural product that does a superb job."
T.J. - Buffalo, NY

"Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing is undoubtedly the best I have ever used - did wonders for all my boots. I'm 64 years old and I've never found anything to equal your product." F.X.V. - Canyon Lake, TX

"Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing is the best after-market water repellent I have tried."
E.E.W. - Glen Burnie, MD

"I have used your product and have found it to be the best thing for leather I have ever found."
J.B. - Overland Park, KS

"Howdy. I use a lot of Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing because it's the only goop I've found that will keep Bean boots dry." M.H. - Anchorage, AK

"For years I have used your Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing for all my leather boots and shoes. I have found no other product that can match the quality of your product." R.L. - Parma, OH

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